About The Club

The Eagle Ski Club is the UK's largest and most active ski touring and ski mountaineering club, with over 1400 members spread throughout the UK and overseas. It is entirely run by club members on a voluntary basis.

Club Sponsored Tours

The Club Touring Programme has over 60 ski trips a year, ranging from day tours and hut to hut tours in the Alps to ski expeditions further afield. Some are led by club members and others by professional guides. For most trips you need to be a reasonably experienced ski tourer, but the programme also offers instructional courses to improve off-piste ski technique and to learn and improve other ski touring and mountaineering techniques - including avalanche awareness. All tours are graded according to the standards of skiing, mountaineering and fitness required for the trip - see here for the full definitions.

Member to Member Tours

In addition to the tours on the formal club programme, club members may also post details of their own tours on the website, to allow other members of the club to contact them and potentially join their tour. These tours are known as Member-to-Member Tours; they may either be led by an amateur member of the club, or they may be professionally led.

Scottish Skiing Weekend Meets

During January to April, the club organises a series of Scottish Skiing Weekend Meets.

Scottish skiing has a unique ambience and even though it may not be possible to ski on some occasions, these are always very sociable occasions with a range of activities on offer.

UK Weekend Meets and Training

During the summer, Weekend Meets are held in the UK providing an excellent opportunity to meet other ski-tourers and plan future trips - whilst walking, climbing or mountain biking.

The club's Annual General Meeting Weekend is held in November (usually in a youth hostel or similar), with a variety of activities on offer. 

The club also organises Training Sessions, for example on rope skills or first aid - normally one day or weekend courses. 

Lecture Evenings

Lecture evenings are held across the country - often in the Autumn. They provide a great opportunity to meet other members face to face and discuss ski touring plans - as well as listening to the lecture. The locations vary (see the Lecture Programme), but recently lectures have normally been held in:

  • London
  • Bristol
  • Peak District (Hathersage)
  • Lake District (Staveley)


The club's printed Yearbook is produced every October and posted to all members, with 180 pages of articles and photos describing tours which have taken place in the preceding season.

It also includes other articles related to ski touring e.g. technical skills such as avalanche awareness.

The website has an online archive of yearbook articles which are useful for planning tours (available to members only).

Grants and Awards

Grants and Awards are available to assist younger skiers (under 35) get started in the sport; to train members who wish to lead club tours; and to encourage expeditions and other adventurous trips.


Club members can access all areas of the website, including the ability to post in the online forums; view and add to Photo Galleries; as well as viewing the full details of all club tours and other events.

Facebook and Social Media

The club has two Facebook groups - a private group with over 500 members, which is used by club members to share information and ideas. In addition, the club has a public page on Facebook which provides more information on the club.

There is also a Strava group used to record skiing and cycling trips by club members.

Joining the Club

For more information about the club see Membership Benefits and How to Join, or if you would like to learn more about the sport see Introduction to Ski touring and Ski mountaineering.