The Grants Committee of the Eagle Ski Club offers support through two different award schemes:

  • Memorial Fund Awards:  To assist skiers under the age of 35 (whether ESC members or not) to get established in ski touring or ski mountaineering
  • Adventure Fund Awards: To assist ESC members to take part in ski touring and ski mountaineering expeditions and adventurous trips – particularly to remote and little known locations .

More details of these awards are given below. Grants may also be available from the Alpine Ski Club (also see below).

The Club also supports training for ESC members who would like to, or currently lead tours for the club. The core training programme is subsidised by the club, but Leader Training Grants are also available. More details are here, The form for Tour Leader/Potential Tour Leader Training Grants can be found here.

Application Procedure

Anyone thinking of applying for an award is encouraged to make initial contact with the Grants Secretary to discuss the criteria of the different awards, and to discuss whether they are likely to meet these criteria. Application forms can be found at the bottom of this page, and can be opened and filled in with Adobe Acrobat. E-mail the completed form to the Grants Secretary. Please ask if you need to have the form in a different format.

For Memorial Fund and Adventure Fund awards, applications must be received before Dec 2nd, 2019.

The Grants Secretary co-ordinates the process, but the actual decision on any specific award is made by the Grants Sub Committee, of which the Touring Secretary is a member.

An applicant will be notified of the success of their application, and the size of the award, by the middle of January.

Successful applicants should contact the Treasurer ( when they require the funds (e.g. to pay a course fee) and the Treasurer will arrange payment. Grants are awarded for specific purposes, so if the applicant’s plans do change, they should immediately contact the Grants Secretary for guidance.

Memorial Fund Awards

The Georgina Travers Memorial Award and the Janey Reid Memorial Award (collectively the Memorial Fund Awards) provide grants to assist young skiers or mountaineers to get established in ski touring or ski mountaineering.

Who is this for?

 A typical candidate will be a competent piste skier who has already  done some off-piste ski-ing or day tours , and has a firm intention to take up ski touring, but feels the need for training to establish the necessary skills. For further information see Tours>Tour grading>How well must I ski?

Applications can be made for the following purposes:

  • To attend an introductory ski touring or ski mountaineering course.
  • To attend an instructional course to improve off-piste skiing technique.
  • To take part in a first ski tour.
  • Other activities approved by the Grants Sub Committee.


  • Applications must be from an individual, not a group. Members of the Eagle Ski Club and non-members are equally eligible.
  • Applicants must be aged under 35.
  • In line with the club's aims, applications will normally only be considered from British citizens or UK residents.
  • An applicant would normally only be eligible to receive one award under this scheme, although this restriction could be waived in exceptional circumstances by the Grants Sub Committee.
  • Successful applicants will be required to submit relevant invoices and a brief report on the use of the grant.

Adventure Fund Awards

Drawing on the income from a donation by Roger Childs, an annual award is also available to assist Eagle Ski Club members (particularly younger members) to organise or take part in ski touring or ski mountaineering expeditions or adventurous trips, particularly to remote and little known locations. As from June 2014 recipients of Adventure Fund grants are required to offset the carbon cost of the unavoidable long haul flights. Advice on how to do this is available at


  • Grants will normally be made to an expedition or adventurous trip as a whole. The trip must have been advertised to all club members, and the grant must be used for the benefit of all members of the trip (who must all be ESC members).
  • Grants to individuals may also be made to allow them to take part in expeditions not organised by the ESC. Individual awards will only be made if the award will significantly enhance the Club's prestige or its future capability for Adventure, and in any case will only be made to applicants who have been members of the Eagle Ski Club for at least one year at the time of application.
  • All Eagle Ski Club members are eligible, but preference will be given to younger members (aged under 35).
  • The trip must involve ski touring or ski mountaineering - not just the use of skis to reach a climbing objective.
  • Trips will only be supported if they are well researched and have the organisation and leadership in place to stand a reasonable chance of meeting their objectives.
  • The criteria which will be used to determine whether an award should be granted (and the size of the award) are listed below. Note that this is a list of factors, and not a scoresheet - it is recognised that different expeditions and trips will concentrate on some criteria and not others:
    1. Whether an Adventure Fund Award would make a difference to whether or not the trip went ahead.
    2. The need for external funding to pay for large costs e.g. hire or purchase of specialised equipment, peak fees, specialised transport costs (e.g. helicopters, yachts etc).
    3. The exploratory nature of the trip e.g. if the trip is to a remote or little visited area, or has the potential for first ascents or first ski traverses.
    4. The prestige value to the club of being associated with the trip (if it meets its objectives).
    5. Minimising environmental impact.
    6. The number of club members who would have an opportunity to take part in the trip (although obviously there may be practical limits to the size of a team).
    7. The opportunity for club members who have work and family commitments to take part e.g. by limiting the duration of the trip to 3 weeks or less.
  • Successful applicants will be required to write a report on the use of the grant, which should be submitted within one month of the return of the trip, and may be published in the Eagle Ski Club Yearbook.

Alpine Ski Club Award Schemes

The Eagles' sister club, the Alpine Ski Club, has two award schemes: The Kenneth Smith Scholarship and the ASC Memorial Adventure Fund. The awards are especially, but not exclusively, for young skiers. Both schemes are open to ski mountaineers and ski tourers from outside the Alpine Ski Club.

These schemes can provide help for:

  • Taking part in a serious ski mountaineering expedition which includes an element of exploration.
  • Carrying out a research project on an aspect of ski mountaineering.
  • Attending an approved course in ski mountaineering.
  • Other activities, which further the knowledge and practice of safe movement in the mountains on ski.

Applications for Alpine Ski Club grants should be made to the ASC Grants Manager. More details and application forms can be found on the Alpine Ski Club website.