Coronavirus Covid-19 advice

COVID-19 and Mountain Activities - Update 4/05/20

With the UK and almost all Alpine nations hoping to progressively emerge from lockdown, considerable uncertainty exists as to how and when we might return to mountain activities. In the absence of a readily available effective treatment for COVID-19 and/or a widely disseminated vaccine, it is likely that some form of social distancing will need to continue for many months. It is unclear currently how this might allow return to mountain activities and travel, and how it might impact on future club activities and events over the coming year. The club will try to be flexible and adaptive to the rolling uncertainty of COVID-19 and will review the situation at the June Committee meeting. We will give further update then, hopefully as the way ahead becomes clearer.

COVID 19 and Ski Touring - Update 19/03/20

As you will all be aware, the travel restrictions relating to the spread of the virus have moved on significantly since 12/3/20 and its effect on our ski-touring programme, both club tours and member-to-member tours, has been profound. All tours within the period of travel restrictions are now cancelled and it is suggested that members on those tours should:

Make attempts to claim for any expenditure already incurred on any travel insurance they may have, although please note that some policies do exclude prohibition of travel as a result of government action - please check individual policy documents for this information.

If travel has not taken place then verify if any flights booked have been cancelled by the airline as this should enable a full refund of the fare. Some airlines may well offer a free rebook option as well.

In the case of Guided trips, please contact the Guide in question to discuss arrangements for reclaiming expenditure; all of them are aware that cancellation is not the fault of the client and are trying to be as fair as possible in helping to resolve this problem in the least painful way possible.

Please note that virtually all remaining tours on the programme have been cancelled. If you have any specific issues with these points then please contact by email.

The following resources may be helpful:

Public Health England Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and advice (updated daily)

British people travelling and living overseas following the outbreak of novel coronavirus should check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice.

Travel insurance: - The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has produced information on travel insurance implications following the outbreak. If you have any further questions about your cover or would like further reassurance, you should contact your travel insurance provider.