Adding Photos to Galleries

This help section describes how to create new galleries and how to add photos to those galleries.

Galleries and photos within them can be viewed by anyone. However, to add photos you need to be a club member with a website username, and be logged into the website. A gallery is a collection of related photos (for example from a single tour). If the gallery doesn’t already exist, you will need to create it before you can add photos to it.

Once you are logged on, in the bottom right hand corner of the home page, you will see a block with your username at the top. This contains the "Create Content" section which contains the "Gallery" and "Image" options, used to add the gallery (if needed) and photos to go in it.

Adding Galleries

If a relevant gallery doesn’t already exist, then you will need to create one before adding photos. Select “Gallery” from “Create Content”, and then add a “Title” for the gallery (e.g. the name and date of the tour) and a “Description” which provides background to the photos in the gallery – this can be as long as you like. Finally select “Save” to create the gallery.  You can go back later and “Edit” the gallery if you want to update the title or description.

Create Gallery

Adding Photos

Once the gallery exists, you can add photos to it. Select “Image” from “Create Content” in the account menu. Add a “Title” for the photo and select the “Gallery” to which it will be added (from the dropdown list). Finally, use “Browse” to locate the image file (jpg, png or gif format) on your computer, and then select “Upload”. Any resolution of image file can be uploaded (e.g. the raw images as downloaded from your camera), but they are scaled to 1024x768 resolution before being stored on the website (to save disk space). If wanted, a more detailed “Description” can also be added before selecting “Save”. Once an image has been saved, it is possible to later go back to “Edit” the title or image file, or to “Delete” it (but only the image owner can do this). 


Create Image

Once images have been saved, they are displayed as part of the gallery. At the moment it isn’t possible to control the order in the gallery – they are always displayed in the order in which they have been added.

Gallery List