Email Notifications

This help section describes (for club members only) how to be notified by e-mail of updates to pages on the website, or to forum postings. These are known as “Subscriptions”. This facility is useful because it means you don’t constantly have to visit the website to see if anything has changed.

The e-mail you will receive to notify you of an update is sent to your registered e-mail address – which you can update in your “My Account” settings. It contains a summary of the item which has changed and a link to the full item on the website – the exact content will vary but here is an example:

Subscription E-mail
You are notified by default of any updates to forum postings to which you have contributed. It is also possible to specify other changes and updates for which you would like to receive notifications. There are 2 major sorts of notifications – for forum topics and for other pages on the website (“content types”).

"Content Type" Notifications

It is possible to receive notifications for changes to any of the following "content types":

In order to configure the subscriptions, once logged in, select “My Account”, and then “Subscriptions” and “Content Types”. The following example shows a member who is just configured to receive updates to News items.

Content Type Subscription

To change subscriptions, check or uncheck the types required and select “Save”. The configuration is updated immediately, and you will be notified of any changes made after this point.

Forum Topic Notifications

In order to receive notifications of postings to specific forums or about specific forum topics, you must click on the “Subscribe” link in a forum posting.

Forum Topic

You now have the options to subscribe:

  • To the page – in the example shown you would receive notification of any posts relating to the forum topic “Skis for 2012?”
  • To forum topic content – this will send you notification of all topics in all forums.
  • To the forum – in the example shown, you would receive notification of any posts relating to any forum topic within the forum “Gear”.

Forum Subscription

If you wish to cancel your subscriptions for notifications, you can do this by using the same “Subscribe” link used originally, and un-checking the boxes. Alternatively, if you want to un-subscribe from notifications from several forums, you can do this via “My Account” / “Subscriptions” / “categories”:

Category Subscription