This section of the website includes the following pages:

Administration (list of committee members, AGM details, club rules etc. ) - access to members only

Annual General Meetings (minutes of annual general meetings) - access to members only

Committee Meetings (minutes of committee meetings) - access to members only

Membership survey (results of the survey of members undertaken in Nov 2013)

Child welfare (notes about the club's child welfare policy)

Newsletters (Links to the newsletters from 2015 to date and circulars from 2009 to 2015) - access to members only

Discounts (available to Eagle Ski Club members) - access to members only

Grants (details of training and expedition grants)

Insurance (notes about insurance for ski-touring)

Official forms (links to all the club's official forms, including the membership form and tour application form)

Yearbook guidelines (guidelines for submitting contributions to the yearbook) - access to members only

Website Responsibility (shows who is responsible for the content of each section of the website) - members only