Submitting Contributions to the Yearbook

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The yearbook editor welcomes articles from members about all ski tours that they have been involved with: both those listed on the official touring programme and those that are organised member-to-member. Articles on other aspects of ski mountaineering which would be of general interest to members, such as on the history, literature and science of the sport, are also welcome.

Articles should be original and not previously published. If you have to prepare reports for multiple publications (e.g. because you have received a grant) then please ensure that the reports are sufficiently different, and use different photos, to avoid any copyright issues (and remember that many members may read both reports).  It’s fine to use some extracts in a blog post or other online publication, but again please ensure that the bulk of the text as submitted is original and unpublished.

Your report should reflect not only your personal experience on the tour, but also that of the group as a whole; if in doubt, circulate it to the group for their comments.  Areas where your experience differs from guidebook advice can be particularly interesting and relevant.

Guidelines for Tour Reports

Please look at the following checklist before submitting your articles:

  • Include the dates of the tour at the beginning and the names of people involved (including guides / instructors / leaders etc) in alphabetical order at the end; please carefully check the names of those in the party and indicate any that are non-Eagles.
  • Include any notes where your experience differs from advice given in guidebooks.
  • Please check the names of peaks, huts and towns and include any accents. Heights should be given in metres and distances in kilometres.
  • Limit reports on familiar areas to 500 words and weekend meets to 200 words. Reports on more unusual destinations should be no longer than 1,200 words. All submissions are subject to revision at the Editor's discretion.

Guidelines for Photos

  • Photos are an important part of the Yearbook. We need a variety – portrait and landscape format, close-ups which provide interesting detail as well as more conventional panoramas.
  • Digital photos must be at high resolution (minimum 1600 x 2000 pixels) so that they print well.  Please supply a caption and the photographer’s name for each photo.
  • Please co-ordinate amongst the group, and do not submit more than eight photos for any tour. And please do not refer us to a website where all your photos are displayed!
  • Photos submitted may also be shown at ESC slide evenings.

How to submit

  • Reports should preferably be in Word format, without any special styles or additional formatting.
  • If possible submit using the form at - this contains all the information the editor needs and avoids time-consuming follow-ups.  Alternatively, reports and photos can be sent by e-mail as attachments - do not put the text as part of the email itself.  If you do this, please ensure that you give all the information listed above.  If your files are too large you can also send a CD.
  • All contributions should be received within one month of the completion of the tour, or by the end of May at the very latest.
  • Send contributions or questions to: or Mike Hendry, Eastlea, Felix Lane, Shepperton TW17 8NN

Submitting adverts

If you would like to include an advert in the Yearbook, please contact the Advertising Secretary ( for preferred formats and advertising rates.

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