Basic Ski Touring Skills

This section of the website contains links to information about the basic skills needed for ski touring. Other (separate) pages contain information about Avalanche Awareness, First Aid and Leading Tours.


The Club Touring Programme normally has three courses each year, each led by IFMGA guides and focusing on ski touring skills at 3 levels:

Introduction to Ski Touring Course A course for newcomers to ski mountaineering and ski touring, covering all necessary skills and techniques for safe travel in glaciated mountain country.
Technical Ski Mountaineering Course A course for improving skills - focussing on knowledge and techniques for more challenging terrain.
Tour Leaders Course Developing the skills needed to lead ski touring groups.

The Club Touring Programme also has an extensive set of courses aimed at improving off-piste skiing techniques and ability.

Many other skills courses are available, for example from Glenmore Lodge, Plas y Brenin, Jagged Globe, Mountain Tracks etc.


There are a handful of recent books in English which provide a useful introduction to ski touring and ski mountaineering skills and techniques. Probably the best is by Eagle Ski Club member and IFMGA guide Bruce Goodlad:

Ski Touring - A Practical Manual 

by Bruce Goodlad (2015) 

Published by Pesda Press






Other books include:

Backcountry Skiing: Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering

by Martin Volken, Scott Schnell and Margaret Wheeler (2007)

Free Skiing – How to Adapt to the Mountain

by Jimmy Odén (2007)

A Complete Guide to Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering

by Henry Branigan and Keith Jenns

(Second Edition, 2014)

Rucksack Guide – Ski Mountaineering and Snowshoeing

by Alun Richardson (2009)


Off Piste Essentials (2008)

Produced by Plas y Brenin in conjunction with the BMC and MCofS.


This article by Rob Collister discusses the art of uphill skiing.

Crevasses and Crevasse Rescue

Rob Collister’s article in The Eagle Ski Club Yearbook 2009 explains some of the dangers associated with crevasses and how to handle them.