Leader Development Programme - Overview

What are we looking for?

The club needs a steady flow of new leaders each year to maintain the club touring programme. Age or gender is never a barrier to leading and we particularly welcome younger enthusiasts to balance the profile of the leader team. We are looking for people who are keen, fit and safe mountaineers and have a positive attitude to building a team with shared objectives.

Leadership Style

The club is very keen to promote a leadership style that reflects the most positive qualities of group organisation and active participation from all members of the team.

The concept of 'strong leadership' has its place, but is not the default approach we encourage. There are numerous examples of groups being avalanched or benighted because the 'strong leader' didn't involve the team in making key decisions about route choices or whether the conditions were safe.

We believe that decisions need to be made with the active participation of all group members. We suggest daily meetings for discussion on safe travel techniques and plans based on current conditions followed by post travel reviews that lead to the development of tentative plans for the coming day. There are particular skills and abilities the leader needs to have to ensure that individual members of the group feel able to contribute to decision making and that no one is ignored or left out. This is quite a selfless role but the rewards of meeting team objectives more than compensate for any personal sacrifices. Individual team members have a responsibility to take an active part, but it's often down to the leader to facilitate the development of this culture in the group. Building systems and cultures of safety will lead to greater success. By outlining your philosophy of how you will operate as the leader before you leave home starts the process.  Demonstrating humility and openness, properly listening to people and encouraging comment and even dissent and being able to manage differing opinions are all factors the leader needs to master.

Who should apply?

There is a minimum criteria. You need to be a member of the Eagle Ski Club and a UK resident. You also need to have participated as a group member in at least two club tours, preferably hut to hut. We feel that the group dynamics of a club tour led by a member are unique and fall somewhere between a trip with a bunch of mates and a guide led tour. You need to demonstrate that you have the potential to fulfil the leadership criteria described above. You will also need to provide two referees who will give an honest and objective opinion about your potential.

You may not be the complete article, but the Leadership Development Programme will help you identify your personal training needs and along with the support of a mentor, help you to address those needs and when you are ready, begin leading club tours.

How do you apply

Please contact the Leader Development Co-ordinator by email leaderdev@eagleskiclub.org