Leading meets in Scotland


This document provides guidance for members who are coordinating meets. There is separate guidance for Meet Leaders on COVID-19.

Becoming a Meet Leader

During the planning phase of the programme (i.e. a year or more before the tour departs), a member may come to the Scottish Meets Secretary with an idea for a meet that they would like to organise. The Scottish Meets Secretary will liaise with the member to discuss the idea and agree on a suitable date in the programme.

The meet leader must provide information in regard to the meet including venue, date, details of accommodation, information about the area and cost. 

The Scottish Meets Secretary will include the meet on the calendar when it is published. 

Before the meet

The role of the meet leader will vary slightly depending on the context of the meet but the following outlines the general responsibilities.

  • Book accommodation where this is required for the meet.
  • Pay a deposit where required for accommodation.  If the meet has to be cancelled (e.g. Covid-19 restrictions) the club can refund the cost of the deposit. 
  • Plan the budget – note that some meet leaders budget for one or two members less than the maximum, as this leaves some leeway in the finances if the meet isn't full. The Scottish Meets Secretary maintains a contingency fund for unexpected out of pocket costs but this should be kept to a minimum and a maximum of £50.  Any excess funds can be paid into this fund for future use.
  • Receive bookings from members, including a deposit or full cost as appropriate.
  • Check that applicants are members of the club (or are in the process of joining). This can be done by searching for the members on the club website.  Note people can come to a meet up to two times as a guest after which time they must join. 
  • Update the meet information on the website, such as when there are only one or two spaces left or when the meet is full.
  • Collect the balance of payment from members when this is due.
  • Ensure members know of the venue location or meeting point as applicable.
  • Liaise with members on catering arrangements as appropriate.
  • There may be a need to link members for sharing transport or arranging collection from public transport.
  • Prior to the weekend, update members of any changes to the plans.
  • Prior to and during the weekend, provide up-to-date weather forecast information as far as possible (when technology allows).
  • In the week prior to the meet, contact all participants in relation to Covid-19. See separate guidance here.

During the meet

During the meet itself, the main responsibilities are as follows. 

  • It is not the responsibility of the meet leader to lead on the hill but it is appropriate to coordinate amongst members during the meet to ensure everyone is included in an appropriate activity.
  • Ensure that every group going onto the hill completes a route card.   
  • Coordinate an appropriate response if a person(s) fails to return at end of the day or the weekend.
  • Complete an Eagles incident report form if there is any serious event during a meet.
  • Ensure that someone on the meet writes the Yearbook article, that the guidelines for articles are followed and that it is submitted in a timely manner (one month after the meet, and no later than 31st May).