Using the Website

Access to the website is controlled and divided into areas which can be accessed by public users, and areas which can only be accessed by registered and logged-in website users (who must be members of the Eagle Ski Club).

Public users can:

  • View all public pages.
  • View all public forums.
  • View galleries and the photos in them.
  • View summary details of tours on the Club Programme.
  • View summary details of UK and Scottish Weekend Meets and Events.

Logged-in Members can also:

  • View member-only pages.
  • View the online archive of yearbook articles.
  • View member-only forums.
  • Post to all forums.
  • View full details of tours on the club programme (including detailed itineraries, costs and contact details for leaders).
  • View full details of UK and Scottish Weekend Meets and Events (including contact details for organisers).
  • Create galleries and upload photos to them.
  • Create member-to-member tours.
  • Manage your own account information (including sharing details with other members).
  • Manage e-mail notifications sent from the website (which inform you of updates on the website). 

Logging into the website

Only members of the Eagle Ski Club may log into the website. When you join the club, the Membership Secretary will allocate a username (normally of the form FirstnameLastname e.g. JohnSmith) and send you an initial password. If you forget the password, you may use the “request new password” feature to e-mail a new password to your registered e-mail address.

If you select the "Remember me" option when logging in, you will remain logged in to the website (on the computer you have used to login). Note that this option shouldn't be used on public computers. If you wish to explicitly logout, chose the "Log out" option in the box at the right hand side of the "My Account" page.

My Account Settings

Selecting the "My Account" option from the main menu bar displays a page which shows all the settings for your account and allows you to update details such as website preferences and the address to which your yearbook will be sent.

Full details of how to update this are in the separate Help | My Account Settings page.

Posting to Forums

Forums provide a way for members to share information and discuss ideas and issues with other members. Full details of how to use the forums and guidelines on content are at Help | Posting to Forums.

Creating Member-to-Member Tours

In addition to the tours on the formal club programme, club members may also post details of their own tours on the website, to allow other members of the club to contact them and potentially join their tour. These tours are known as Member-to-Member Tours; they may either be led by an amateur member of the club, or they may be professionally led. To create a member-to-member tour select the "Member Tour" option within the "Create Content" section of the account menu.  Member Tour descriptions may contain links, images and attached documents - full details of how to edit rich content are given in the separate page at Help | Editing Website Content.

Adding Photos to Galleries

Please see the separate page at Help | Adding Photo Galleries.