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UK Based Training

Date Title Organiser Status Description
21 Sep 2019 to 22 Sep 2019 BASP First Aid - Hemel 21/22 Sept 2019 Co-ordinator TBC Available A 16 hour First Aid course focused on ski touring and outdoor first aid.
9 Nov 2019 GPS & Navigation - Essentials Rick Shearer Available GPS & Navigation - Essentials. GPS Essentials is a one-day course for competent outdoor navigators who may have used a GPS device in the past, wish to learn more before buying one, or may even own one but have not used it often.
9 Nov 2019 to 10 Nov 2019 Rescue & Emergency Care First Aid Course - Llanberis Co-ordinator TBC Available Course: Two day Emergency first aid course geared towards the outdoors with specific reference to ski type injures and issues surrounding first aid in ski mountaineering.
9 Nov 2019 Ropework for Ski Mountaineering 9 Nov 19 Neil Thompson Available Ropework for Ski Mountaineering - A full day of reviewing, practising and learning new skills. 8 needed to run. Book your slot below.
10 Nov 2019 GPS & Navigation - Advanced Rick Shearer Available Advanced GPS skills is a one-day course for skilled outdoor navigators who own a GPS and use it, and would like to develop their skills. This course focuses on navigation using built-in GPS digital mapping.
23 Nov 2019 Winter Navigation and Avalanche Awareness for Ski-Tourers Declan Phelan Available Practical, hill based training aiming to improve skills for safe ski touring navigation - led by Hannah Burrows-Smith IFMGA