Volunteering Opportunities

Our Club is run for members by members. We employ no staff, so we rely entirely on the voluntary effort of members who step forward to help run the Club. Over the next few months, these opportunities are available:

  • Vice President
  • Committee member (two places)
  • Website editor
  • Auditor
  • supporting our centenary
  • potential tour leaders

You can find out more about these roles below:

Vice President

Our current President, Declan Phelan, comes to the end of his term at the 2024 AGM. At this point, the Vice President normally steps forward to become the new President. For a three-year term, the Vice President helps and supports the President in the overall stewardship of the club. This is also a great opportunity to develop a good awareness of how the club works and of current issues, and helping to work out the strategic direction of the club. If you're interested in the role of Vice President, or would like to recommend someone, please contact our current President, Declan Phelan, by email at: president@eagleskiclub.org.uk (or phone him on 07900 494551) or the current Vice President, Richard Davison, by email at: vicepresident@eagleskiclub.org.uk (or phone him on 07402 666656).

Committee members

The role of a committee member is to help run the club for members. It can be a varied and interesting role, from getting involved in discussions and decisions about the club and helping to organise events and other activities. It can also provide a great insight into how the club is run.

Two of our committee members, Rya Tibawi and Emily Taylor, complete their terms at the next AGM. We're particularly keen to encourage women and/or younger members to step forward. If you're interested in this role, please contact our club secretary, Sonia Panchen, by email at: secretary@eagleskiclub.org.uk.

Website Editor

If you're interested in website design and what the website provides for our members, this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved.

Our website is a vital resource for members. It's also our "shop window" - where prospective members find out more about us. The website acts as the Club library and underpins our communications. The Website Editor looks after the appearance of the website and its content. The editor works closely with the IT Officer, who looks after and improves the technical operation of the website. If you're interested in the role of Website Editor, please contact our IT Officer, Stuart Cunningham, by email at: internet@eagleskiclub.org.uk or the Communications Secretary, Richard Davison, by email at: comms@eagleskiclub.org.uk.


Don't let the title of "auditor" turn you off..... it sounds very official but its really about ensuring that there are no mistakes in the Club accounts, and to keep the treasurer on the straight-and-narrow!

Our current auditor - Marcus Senn - has been doing a sterling job of auditing the accounts for our club for many years. He is now looking to step aside, and so we're looking for someone to fill his shoes. The first thing to say is that the Club is not a charity, and so the position of auditor isn't one that is required by law — and as such, the person doing the job doesn't need to be a professional auditor. 

The accounts are pretty simple. It would obviously be helpful for the auditor to have a reasonable background in finance/accounts, but they also would not need to be an accountant. It doesn't take too much time up, and is just once per year, prior to the accounts being published, that any time is required at all. It might be a great for a younger person doing a financial or accounting degree, or starting out in such a role, or conversely someone with a similar background who is retiring.

Marcus has kindly agreed to audit the accounts again this year. It would be great if we could identify someone to take over from him before this (August-September time), to allow Marcus to go through the process with a replacement. If you are interested in helping the club out in this way, please contact the Treasurer, Stuart Johnston, at treasurer@eagleskiclub.org.uk. Marcus would also be willing to answer any questions you may have about the role.

Supporting our centenary 

Planning for the Club's Centenary is now in full swing, with teams of enthusiastic volunteers already assisting with the arrangements for the different events and activities to take place in 2025. We need a bit more assistance, including:

  • Someone to co-ordinate the arrangements for ordering and distributing club merchandise, including payment forms and helping to distribute ordered items. Please contact John Barnard: archivist@eagleskiclub.org.uk
  • Someone with some design layout skills (or enthusiasm!) to work with the Club Archivist to create some display posters with material on the history of the club, which can be shown at the various events during next year. Please contact John Barnard: archivist@eagleskiclub.org.uk
  • Some extra volunteers to help with the Arolla25 meet in March 2025, both before and during the meet. Please contact Graham Dudley: arolla25@eaglskiclub.org.uk

Potential tour Leaders

The club needs a steady flow of new leaders each year to maintain the club touring programme. Age or gender is never a barrier to leading and we particularly welcome younger enthusiasts to balance the profile of the leader team. We are looking for people who are keen, fit and safe mountaineers and have a positive attitude to building a team with shared objectives. If you're interested in becoming a future tour leader, please contact Dave Palmer who is our leader development coordinator by email at: leaderdev@eagleskiclub.org.uk