This section of the website is about the resources available to help you plan your ski touring trips. Here you can find and share information about ski touring and your ski touring trips: 

Members Map (access for members only, please log-in). This tool can be used to look for members who live near you or in a particular area.

Yearbooks (access for members only, please log-in). The club's printed yearbooks provide a vast store of information and these are now available online. This section includes those articles which are available online, with indices of yearbooks.

Yearbook Regions (access for members only, please log-in). This tool can be used to search for articles on ski tours in specific regions. 

Club Expeditions - A list of Eagle Ski Club expeditions since 1984, with links to expedition reports, photos and other resources.

Galleries - There are photographs from over 70 club ski tours here and you can add your own photos by creating a new photo gallery.

Forums - You can raise new issues or respond to existing ones raised by others. There are two public forums - for sale and general discussion. There are two member forums (you need to sign-in for these) - tours & meets, and gear.

Newsletters (access for members only, please log-in). If you've missed a recent newsletter or want to check an old news item, you can find them here.

Webinars & videos - view webinars and videos in your own time.

News Archive - if you've missed a recent news item, you can find it here.

Archive - in the run-up to our 100th anniversary in 2025, we're building a more complete archive of our history.

Insurance - Information which may be useful when selecting an insurance policy for ski touring.

Links - Links to a wide range of ski touring related websites

Yearbook guidelines (access for members only, please log-in). Guidelines for submitting articles and photos to the annual yearbook.