The resources area of the website contains information on skills and techniques needed for ski touring, and other resources to help with planning ski tours. The information is organised by subject area, and consists of original articles and links to other websites.

  • Introduction to Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering - an introduction to the sport.
  • Basic Ski Touring Skills - Information on the basic skills needed for ski touring including introductory books and DVDs, Crevasse Rescue, Skinning etc.
  • Avalanche Awareness - Information on avalanche awareness, transceivers and avalanche rescue techniques.
  • First Aid - Information on first aid books and skills.
  • Leading Tours - Information for Club Tour Leaders and others wishing to lead ski tours.
  • Club Expeditions - A list of Eagle Ski Club expeditions since 1984, with links to expedition reports, photos and other resources.
  • Yearbooks - access for members only - The club's printed yearbooks provide a vast store of information and these are slowly being put online. This section includes those articles which are available online, with indices of yearbooks and a mechanism to search for articles on ski tours in specific regions. 
  • Low Carbon Travel - Information on reducing carbon emissions when travelling to ski touring areas.
  • Insurance - Information which may be useful when selecting an insurance policy for ski touring.
  • Links - Links to ski touring related websites.