Posting to Forums

Forums provide a way for members to share information and discuss ideas and issues with other members. Some forums are viewable by the general public, but others can only be read by members (see below for details).  Only members are allowed to post to forums, and to do so you must be logged in (see Help | Using the Website).


Public Forums (visible by the general public)

  • For Sale
  • General Discussion

Members Forums (visible by members only)

  • Tours and Meets
  • Gear

Adding New Topics and Replying

If you wish to contribute to an ongoing topic, use the “Post Reply” button.  If you wish to start a new topic, use the “New Topic” button on the contents page of the forum, or the “Create Content / Forum Topic” link within the My Account section at the bottom right hand corner of the homepage.

Forum posts may contain links, images and attached documents - full details of how to edit rich content are given in the separate page at Help | Editing Website Content.

Content Guidelines


The forums should not be used to promote commercial ventures of members (or of their acquaintances).

Examples of acceptable postings include:

  • “For Sale” items which are the property of the member (or a close friend who is not a club member) and which are related to skiing or mountaineering.
  • Availability on commercial trips which are listed on the official club programme. It is acceptable for the guide or BASI instructor organising the trip to make such postings, but they shouldn’t advertise other commercial trips they are running, which are not on the official club programme.
  • Availability on member led trips.
  • Discussion of gear and links to manufacturers or shop websites, only where the member isn’t directly involved with the shop or manufacturer.

Examples of unacceptable postings include:

  • “For Sale” items which are not related to skiing or mountaineering.
  • “For Sale” items which are not the property of a member (or a close friend who is not a club member).
  • Advertising chalets etc for hire, even if the chalet is owned by the member.
  • Availability on commercial (e.g. guided) trips which are not on the club programme.
  • Promotion or discussion of gear and links to manufacturer or shop websites, where the member would stand to gain (financially or otherwise) from the increased business to that manufacturer / shop.

Postings which do not follow the guidelines will be removed.

In some cases, where it is thought that a commercial venture would be of widespread interest to the membership, such a posting may be made (after consideration by appropriate committee members) by committee members only. If you have something which would be of interest to the membership, but which would otherwise contravene the posting guidelines, then please discuss with a committee member, who (after consideration) may be able to post the item on your behalf.

Note that the Eagle Ski Club website does not accept paid advertising.