The Eagle Ski Club

The Eagle Ski Club is the UK's largest and most active ski touring and ski mountaineering club, with over 1400 members.

The club touring programme has over 60 ski trips a year, including training courses, day tours and hut to hut tours in the Alps and ski expeditions further afield. Some are led by club members and others by professional guides.

The club also runs a series of UK events, including Scottish skiing weekend meets (January to March); summer weekend meets; training courses and lectures and other social events. These events provide an excellent opportunity to meet other ski-tourers and plan future trips.

For more information see About the Club and How to Join, or if you would like to learn more about the sport see Introduction to Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering.

Important: Participants in Ski Touring/Ski-mountaineering and related activities must realise that such undertakings, by their nature, contain a degree of hazard and risk and despite the greatest care accidents may still occur. 

All participants in any Eagle Ski Club activity (from formal club tour to informal member-to-member activity to club meet) should be aware of and accept the inherent risk associated with the activity and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

2020 Touring Programme


The 2020 touring programme features a wide range of trips including off-piste training courses, day tours, hut to hut tours and adventurous trips to remote areas. The locations include the Alps, Pyrenees, Norway, Eastern Europe, Canada, Russia and Chile.  

Note - you need to be a club member and logged in to the website to see the full details.


Scottish Winter Meets


The club runs a programme of Scottish winter meets from January to March each winter - the 2020 programme is now available. Scottish meets provide their own flavour of adventure and whatever the conditions, they are normally great fun with excellent company. The 2020 programme has a diverse range of trips - from camping expeditions to skiing steep gullies on Ben Nevis, and from comfortable lodges to the very popular Scottish dinner meet. 

Club News: Affiliation with Mountaineering Scotland

Many of you will have received several emails from Mountaineering Scotland as part of the affiliation and registration process that we are currently going through with them. It's essential that you are registered with Mountaineering Scotland to comply with the club liability and third party insurance that is now being provided through them.

Please don't mark these emails as spam or delete them - the 3rd and 4th emails provide your MS members ID and log-in details for their members portal. When you log-in for the first time, you can decide whether you want to receive email notifications from them.

The affiliation with Mountaineering Scotland provides strong liability and third party insurance for the Club and for you as Club members (please note that you will still need to have accident and rescue insurance, such as that provided by the AAC). It also provides a range of other benefits. Look out for the following club-wide email which provides more background information:

Many thanks.   

Low carbon travel

When planning your tour(s) for next winter, why not plan to be more carbon-friendly this season? Options include travelling by train, grouping some trips together (rather than on separate trips) or, if you're travelling by car, teaming up with other people. If you have to fly, you could buy some carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions from your flight. The verified credits offered through the Club represent carbon captured in trees planted in Bolivia. They are sold at £7 per tonne, which would offset roughly two return air flights to Europe. For more information, visit the low carbon travel section page.