Creating your club profile

We have a wide range of skills, experience, levels of confidence and aspirations amongst our 1500 members. This is why it is very important to match your own skills and aspirations with the right tour or meet.

To help support this matching process, people organising or leading activities within the club, particularly member-to-member activities must describe their background, skills, aspirations and ski touring/mountaineering experience on their club profile so that other members can consider these carefully and the risks involved.

This should also support a mutual assessment process, so that other members can assess group experience against the tour objectives.

Creating a club profile

To make any changes, once you are logged in, select “My Account”. You'll find this in the top right corner of the page (near "Log Out").

When you click "My Account", a new page opens. Under your name there is a short navigation bar. Click on the "edit" button.

Scroll down the page until you find a box for qualifications and a box for your profile.

A profile is a short description of yourself, which other members can view (see 

Provide some information in this box about your background, skills and qualifications, and list some tours you've done with the club. 

A profile can contain links (e.g. links to tour reports or a personal website) and pictures. 

You can also add your skiing level and mountaineering level, using our tour grading system.

Once you've done this, please remember to save your profile!