Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the Club

Do I need to join the club to join a club tour?

  • Yes – you must be a member to take part in a club tour. However, you can apply to join a tour at the same time as applying to join the club – just mention to the tour leader that your membership application is in progress.

Does the club have family membership?

  • The club only has a single category of membership, so partners or other family members will need to join individually.

Do I have to pay ongoing subscriptions by direct debit?

  • Yes – it is a condition of membership that ongoing subscriptions must be paid by direct debit. This is to simplify the administration and running of the club (which relies entirely on volunteers). If you aren’t able to pay by direct debit because, for example, you don’t have a UK bank account, then it is possible to pay by PayPal / Credit Card.


I am not yet a member, how can I see the cost and detailed itinerary for a tour?

  • The full detailed description of a tour (including the itinerary and costs) is only available to club members. However, if you are interested in a specific tour, and might want to join the club to go on that tour, then contact the Touring Secretary and they will be able to provide you with the details for that specific tour.

Why do I need to provide references to go on a tour?

  • Is it very important for the safety and enjoyment of the whole party that the participants of a ski tour are all roughly comparable in fitness and skiing and mountaineering ability. Most tour leaders ask applicants to provide 2 references who can be contacted by the tour leader, to establish whether or not the applicant will be compatible with the standard of the tour, and the other members of the party.

If I am a new member, how can I get references to enable me to go on a club tour?

  • Most tour leaders need 2 references to determine the suitability of the applicant. It is best if these references are members of the club; however this is obviously difficult for new members, so in this case it is fine to use references who aren’t members of the club e.g. the mountain guide of a recent ski tour.

How do I search for other members?

You can find an email address for another member who has agreed to share their details with other members:

  • Click on the "search" button and enter some or all of the person's name (e.g. Richard or Davison or RichardDavison)
  • Click on the "users" tab
  • Click on the relevant name and this will take you to their personal "user profile" page 

How do I join the Club's Facebook group? 

As well as a public Facebook page, which is visible to anyone, the Club has an active Facebook members group. This has almost 600 members and is a great place to keep up-to-date with what members are doing and issues that are being raised by them. The first step in joining the members group is to contact our Facebook Administrator by emailing them at You will need to provide your ESC membership number.