Club Tours 2022

The Eagle Ski Club provides an organised programme of ski tours which are Club Sponsored Tours; organised and led by either guides or experienced club members, many of whom have been through the ESC Leader Development Programme. Before applying to join a club tour, members are asked to read the Types of Tour and Tour Grading pages, so as to help choose a type of tour that matches their level of fitness, skill, experience and risk assessment.

The situation regarding COVID-19 remains very unclear, particularly in relation to international travel and local restrictions. Tours and meets may have to be cancelled or substantially rearranged at short notice. Before deciding on whether to apply for a particular tour or meet, please assess your own tolerance to the COVID-19 risks involved and be aware of what your insurance does and doesn’t cover. When on a tour or meet, please follow local guidance.

If you are interested in our tours and meets why not think about becoming a member? Then you will be able to access all the details and apply to join anything suitable. Rates are currently no more than £35 a year, which includes liability insurance for club activities and affiliation to Mountaineering Scotland. Full details on membership and how to join are in Benefits of Membership and Join Us.

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No Dates Title Organiser Grade Status Tour Description
1 3 - 7 Jan Chamonix Season Starter

Rick Marchant IFMGA

E2 S2-3 M1-2 Completed Off-Piste and Day Tours. 5 days of guided skiing taking advantage of the best the Chamonix valley can offer.
2 8 - 15 Jan Off-piste skiing, Grimentz

Tom Saxlund BASI

E2 S2-4 M1 Completed Develop your off-piste skills and mountain awareness. A combination of ski coaching and guided day tours with Tom Saxlund (BASI 4) and Graham Frost (IFMGA guide). 6 full days tuition.
3 10-15 Jan Diablerets day tours

Andy Perkins IFMGA

E1 S2 M1 Completed Originally to be based in Val Claree , this tour transferred to the Queyras and now, with the travel restrictions for UK visitors to France, will be in canton de Vaud .
4 15-22 Jan Les Contamines Off-piste Skills

John Eames BASI

E1 S3-4 M1 Cancelled Skills training in the mornings with long, off-piste runs in the afternoon. Open to both Alpine & Telemark skiers
5 17 - 21 Jan Chamonix Off-piste training

Alison Thacker BASI / Co-ordinator Julie Jones

E1 S1-2 (6 places) and S3 (6 places) M1. The remaining place is in the S1 - S2 group. Completed Accessibly priced course, based on the well-established "Ski Performance for Mountaineers". Contact Co-ordinator for more details.
6 22-29 Jan Val Mustair, Switzerland

Paul Cook

E2/3 S2/3 M2 Cancelled Day touring based in Sta Maria in the remote Val Mustair in Grisons. The aim will be to make ascents of the peaks along the valley using public transport to get about. There is a small ski area for bad weather days.
7 23-29 Jan Day tours in the Aosta Valley

Neil Thompson

E2 S3/4 M2 Cancelled Day tours from a comfortable valley base in the Aosta valley. There are plenty of options in this region and it is a popular destination for tourers.
8 23 - 28 Jan Sarntaler Alps

Tania Noakes IFMGA

E2 M1 S2 Completed One training day followed by four days of high-winter touring through the beautiful, non-glacial Sarntaler Alps. This gem is suitable for mellow tourers looking for somewhere new and anyone looking to build and expand their skills.
9 25 - 28 Jan Gressoney - Orestes hut

Chris Miles Co-ordinator

E1 S3-5 M1-3 Cancelled This Club Meet is based at the Orestes Hutte in Italy’s Gressoney Valley close to the Monte Rosa ski area. It provides an opportunity for members to ski together with no fixed programme from a very comfortable hut.
10 27 - 28 Jan Skiing and Snow Safety course

Andy Perkins IFMGA

E1 S2-3 M1 Completed Skiing and Snow Safety, looking for the best snow and gaining confidence with technique.
11 28 Jan - 3 Feb Argentiere Club Meet (Hotel Couronne)

Co-ordinators Graham Dudley and Jack Scriven

E1-3 S2-5 M1-3 Completed The sixth year (hopefully!) of this popular club meet for independent tourers based at the Hotel de La Couronne in Argentiere. This is an opportunity for members to get together and agree their own objectives in comfortable surroundings. There is no formal plan for this meet.
12 29 Jan - 4 Feb Leaders' Week

Rick Marchant IFMGA / Co-ordinator Brian Horn

E2-3 S2-4 M2-3 Only available to those on the Potential Tour Leaders Programme
13 29 - 30 Jan Skiing and Navigation course

Andy Perkins IFMGA

E1 S2 M1 Completed Skiing and Navigation; how to get to the right place on snow and on ski.
14 31 Jan - 1 Feb Skiing and Glacier Travel course

Andy Perkins IFMGA

E1 S2 M1-2 Completed Skiing and Glacier Travel; crevasse avoidance and what to do if someone falls in.
15 4 - 11 Feb Training Week for Club Leaders

Hannah Burrows-Smith IFMGA / Co-ordinator Graham Dudley

E2-3 S2-4 M2-3 Completed The purpose of this training week, being run in the Val d'Ayas of the Italian Aoste, is an initiative to provide existing Club Leaders with a top-up of their training in backcountry ski environments. This week is being provided by the ESC and is only available to existing ESC Club Leaders
16 5 - 20 Feb Gavarnie, French Pyrenees

Dave Wynne-Jones

E3 S3 M3 Cancelled Day tours from a valley base mixed with short hut-to-hut tours into Spain and the Neouvielle region.
17 5 - 12 Feb Day touring in Grimentz

Stuart Johnston and Sonia Panchen (jointly led)

E2 S3-4 M1-2 Completed A return of the popular Grimentz day tours week, exploring the many options in the Val d’Anniviers. We will be based in a valley hotel, and touring with some lift assistance in the Grimentz, Zinal, San Luc and Chandolin areas, depending on weather, conditions and inclination.
18 5 - 12 Feb Day touring in the Austrian Alps

Simon Watts

E3 S3/4 M2 Completed  A valley based week in the Vorarlberg region of the Austrian Alps . Possible peaks for day touring include Hirschberg, Kanisfluh, Klipperen, Lug, Tolbermannskopf and others. Typical ascents will be 1200-1500m
19 16/02/21 - 1/03/21 Day Tours in Greece and Albania

Coodinator: Nick Donohue 

Guide: Lyuben Grancharov


E2 S3 M3 Completed Day tours using a local guide. The Olympus mountains and the Pindus range in Greece, before moving to the Gramos range, Albania. Sightseeing on transfer days. 
20 19 Feb - 6 Mar Club Training Expedition, Georgia

Andy Perkins IFMGA / Susie Amann

E4 S3/4 M2/3 An expedtion to little known mountains in Georgia with the aim of training potential leaders of club expeditions
21 19 - 26 Feb Winter Room Summits Week

Graham Frost IFMGA

E3 S2-3 M2 Completed Starting from a hotel base in Arolla and spending 2-3 nights in winter rooms. The mix of the week can include attempts on some 4000m peaks around Saas Fee and be quite an adventure!
22 20 - 27 Feb North Macedonia Road Trip: Off-piste & Day Tours

John Eames BASI

E1-2 S3-4 M1 Completed Balkan powder skiing with lift or snowcat-served touring. Untracked snow, few other skiers and interesting culture. Open to Alpine and Telemark skiers.
23 26 Feb - 5 Mar Haute Maurienne - Steep off-piste coaching & adventures

Simon Christy BASI

S4-5 E2-3 M1 Completed A week of steep off-piste coaching and adventures, based in Termignon in the Haute Maurienne valley.
24 26 Feb - 6 Mar Exploring the Pitztal

Khalid Qasrawi

E3 S3 M3 Completed Day touring from Imst and the Taschachhaus.  This is a tour for those looking for quieter routes in a high alpine landscape requiring a bit more independence.  Lots peaks and ridges to choose from including the Tirol’s highest, Wildspitze.
25 26 Feb - 6 Mar British Columbia, Kitmatt Range

Owen Day ACMG Ski Guide

E2 S2 M2 or E3 S3 M2 Cancelled The plan is for a ski traverse between 4 pre-positioned camps that will enable us to travel with lighter packs.
26 26 Feb - 8 Mar Exploring the Haute Maurienne Vanoise

Brian Horn

E3 S3 M3 Cancelled The plan is to use the winter rooms of the Refuge du Carro and the Refuge des Evettes to explore the surrounding area.
27 5 - 12 Mar Queyras

Rick Marchant IFMGA / Co-ordinator Gordon Wooster

E2 S2-3 M1 Completed Additional dates now available for a second group - Week starting 26th of March - see below - Queyras 2
27 26 March - 2 April Queyras 2

Rick Marchant IFMGA

E2 S2-3 M1 Completed New Dates now available for a second group - Week starting 26th of March - contact me if you would like to join
28 5 - 20 Mar Benasque, Spanish Pyrenees

Dave Wynne-Jones

E3 S3 M2 Cancelled Day tours and some overnight hut trips making the most of a flexible approach to weather and conditions.
29 5 - 12 Mar Day Tours from Arolla

Rob Collister

E2/3 S2 M2 Cancelled Day tours from a traditional location in the heart of the Swiss Alps, for fit tourers who enjoy uphill as well as down. Most days will involve ascent of at least 1000m.
30 5 - 12 Mar Beaufortain (relocated to the Aravis)

Dan Carron

E2 S3 M2 Completed Day tours from an apartment in La Clusaz to peaks in the Aravis mountains.
31 12 - 19 Mar Dolomites - Lavarella Day Tours

Richard Davison

E2 S3 M2 Completed An unguided trip to the Dolomites, based on the Rifugio Lavarella. A wide range of day tours, up to about 1000m, are possible from the hut. The beer is very local as the Lavarella has the highest microbrewery in the Alps!
32 12 - 19 Mar Off-piste skiing, Grimentz

Tom Saxlund BASI

E2 S2-4 M1 Completed Develop your off-piste skills and mountain awareness. A combination of ski coaching and guided day tours with Tom Saxlund (BASI 4) and Graham Frost (IFMGA guide). 6 full days tuition.
33 12 - 18 Mar Western Oberland Haute Route

Terry Ralphs IFMGA

E2 S3 M2 Completed Traversing the Alpine range between the villages of Les Diablerets and Kandersteg. This is a delightfully scenic hut to hut tour offering fantastic ski descents.
34 12 - 20 Mar Albula Alps traverse

Nick Hewitt

E2-3 S3 M2-3 Completed This is a six-day hut-to-hut tour from the Julier Pass, via the Jenatsch Hütte, Bergün, the Es-cha, Kesch and Grialetsch Hütten, to Zernez. We might climb Piz Kesch en route.
35 12 - 19 March 2022 The Jeremy Whitehead Tour - Stuben am Arlberg: day tours and off-piste skiing

Simon Duvivier

E1 S2-3 M2 Completed Day tours and off-piste skiing around this extensive and delightful area, using local trains and uplift for access from a valley base. Open to Alpine and Telemark skiers.
36 12 - 19 Mar Briancon day-tours

John Hayward

E2 S3 M2 Cancelled A week of valley based day-touring based around Briancon; with skiing in the Eastern Ecrins, Queryas and Cerces.
38 14 - 18 Mar Young Members introduction to touring

Hannah Burrows-Smith IFMGA 

E1 S2 M1 Completed An introduction to touring for the younger members of the club, with two days spent honing techniques from a valley base followed by a three day mini-tour to a mountain hut. Preference will be given to applications from members in the under-30 category!
39 19 - 26 Mar Arolla, Slightly Steeper Week

Graham Frost IFMGA

E3 S4 M2 Completed Plenty of challenging skiing in the Val d'Herens accessed by lift from one of three areas. Exciting day tours in the Arolla region, with ascents of at least and 1000m and descents of around 40 degrees or more!
40 19 - 26 Mar Val Ferret to Val d'Entremont

Angus Armstrong

E2/3 S2/3 M2 Completed A progressive tour from Val Ferret to Val d’Entremont, or put another way, from the South end of the Mont Blanc tunnel to the North end of the St Barnard tunnel. Using one winter room and huts including the wonderful Grand St Bernard Hospice.
41 22 Mar - 1 Apr Northern Norway Island Explorer

Brian Horn and coordinator Dave Smith

E3 S3-4 M2 Completed Day tours off the beaten track in Arctic Norway. Daily ascents in the range of 900-1400m, self-catering or fully catered, with some motorboat transport for access.
42 26 Mar - 2 Apr Jotunheimen Haute Route

Peter Edgerton

E3 S3 M2 Completed A traverse of the Jotunheimen region in Norway, making use of the hut network with both wardened and self-service huts with some spare days for bad weather and/or ascent of summits.
43 26 Mar - 2 Apr Introduction to Alpine Ski Touring , Arolla

Andy Teasdale IFMGA

E2-3 S2-3 M1 Completed This week is for people who would like to ski off the beaten track and venture deeper into Alpine country, or for those with some ski touring experience who would like to re-fresh their skills. All necessary skills and techniques for safe alpine and glacier ski touring are covered.
44 26 Mar - 2 Apr Bourg St Maurice (East of)

Keith Hampson

E2 S2 M2 Cancelled Starting and finishing in Bourg St Maurice, we will hope to spend two nights in two mountain huts, bagging a few peaks on the way. But booking huts that will be open is proving difficult at present.
45 26 Mar - 2 Apr Traverse of the Haute Tarentaise Frontier ridge

Steve Wright

E2-3 S3 M3 Completed The tour follows the frontier ridge from hut to hut, with potentially peaks en-route. The return to France is via the Testa del Rutor, and descends the classic Glacier de l'Invernet to the Refuge du Ruitor. Participants will be expected to travel to Bourg by rail, or equivalent low carbon travel
46 27 Mar - 2 Apr Reschenpass / South Tirol - Hotel-based day ski touring.

John Hogg IFMGA

E2 S3 M1 Completed Hotel based day tours involving ascents of 3 to 4 hours a day and based out of an excellent family run hotel in Reschen/South Tirol. Taxis and ski buses will be used.
47 27 Mar - 2 Apr Saas 4000er's

Terry Ralphs IFMGA

E3 S3 M2 Completed A circular high level ski tour, from Saas Fee, climbing the 4000m peaks of the Allalinhorn, Strahlhorn and Alphubel. This is a demanding high altitude ski tour with a big glacier experience.
48 27 Mar - 1 Apr Senja, Norway

Andy Perkins IFMGA

E2 S3 M1 Completed This island is a few hours south of Tromso. It offers great options for coastal Arctic ski touring, wild scenery and northern lights if you’re lucky! Self catered accommodation to keep costs reasonable.
49 28 Mar - 6 Apr Gildeskal, Norway

Alan Sloan

E2 S3 M2 Completed The base will be a self-catering chalet at Saltstraumen.The Norwegian language guidebook lists about 50 tours within a half hour drive. This is a less frequented area than Lyngen for example.
50 2 - 9 Apr Ortler

Dan Carron

E2/3 S3 M2 Cancelled Day tours from the Branca and Pizzini huts in this dramatic area.
51 2 - 9 Apr Introduction to touring hut-to-hut, Tour de Soleil

Andy Teasdale IFMGA

E2-3 S3 M2 Completed This hut based tour is aimed at introducing members to the delights of alpine hut to hut ski touring. The tour is based in the Eastern Rhone valley in the alpine mountains between Binntal and Airolo. The tour will follow parts of the classic Tour de Soleil of the region.
52 3 - 8 Apr Val d'Anniviers Hut to Hut

Hannah Burrows-Smith IFMGA

E2 S3 M2 Cancelled A high-level hut-to-hut tour that travels amongst the spectacular scenery of rocky peaks and glaciers that surround the Val d'Anniviers.
53 3 - 8 Apr Eastern Oberland Haute Route

Terry Ralphs IFMGA

E3 S4 M3 Completed A high-level traverse, in a very remote part of the eastern Bernese Oberland. Starting at the Jungfraujoch and finishing at Rosenlaui with one unwardened hut. The traverse to the Gaulihutte is technical and requires a 40m abseil. The ski to Rosenlaui is one of the finest in the Alps.
54 3 - 10 Apr Romsdalen

Andrew Duncan

E2 S3 M2 Completed Day tours in Romsdalen from a base in Isfjorden. The mountains in this region are said to be 'alpine and majestic' and there is plenty of variety either remote or accessible, gentle or steep.
55 3 - 9 Apr Iceland - Hut to Hut

Owen Day ACMG Ski Guide

E2-3 S3 M2 Cancelled A fun filled 7 day trip in the Troll Peninsula exploring some great ski terrain around local huts, involving a mix of a travel and skiing. There are many great ski lines in some stunning mountains.
56 7 -11 Apr Relaxed Silvretta

Andy Perkins IFMGA and Kathy Murphy IFMGA

E1-2 S2 M1 1 Place Left This tour is for Eagles looking for a relaxed approach. For those needing a rest or a shorter day, we have consecutive nights in some of the most comfortable huts in the Alps! Note - this is a midweek start.
57 9 - 16 Apr Bernese Oberland, hut-to-hut

Andy Teasdale IFMGA

E3-4 S3 M2 1 Place Left Starting in Fiesch then visiting the Konkordia, Finsteraarhorn, Monchjoch and Hollandia huts. Objectives include the Wyssnollen, Grosses Wannenhorn, Trugberg, Louwihorn and Abeni Flue. A beautiful ski down the Lotschental rounds the tour off.
58 9 - 16 Apr Northern Norway (Tromso to Alta)

Phil Wickens

E2 S3 M2 Completed Day tours in the remote northwestern fjords of Norway. Based on the classic and comfortable 168 foot sailing ship Rembrandt van Rijn starting in Tromsø and finishing in Alta.
59 16 - 23 Apr Haute Maurienne, Glaciers and Steeps

Andy Teasdale IFMGA This tour is now being organised by Graham Frost IFMGA.

E3 S3 M2 Available Ascents of some of the finest peaks and descents of some of the steeper slopes in this stunning area between the Vanoise and Gran Paradiso.
60 24 - 29 Apr Vanoise hut-to-hut

Andy Perkins IFMGA

E2 S3 M1 Cancelled A demanding hut to hut tour in this beautiful national park. We will need good visibility and stable snow to complete the itinerary in full. Come with a flexible attitude! Note - this is a midweek start.