Our Club is run for members by members. We employ no staff, so we rely entirely on the voluntary effort of members who make things happen by stepping forward to help run the Club.

We are a big, active Club, with over 1400 members and a large ski touring programme in Europe and in Scotland. About 50 members are involved in running the Club, from supporting the work of the sub-committees to acting as an officer of the Club, such as Treasurer or Membership Secretary.

As well as mountain guides and outside trainers, we also rely on volunteers to deliver many of our ski touring and related activities, including tour and meet leaders and coordinators, and trainers.

One of our priorities is to make sure that as a Club we do more to support, develop and recognise volunteers and their role within the Club.

We don't expect people to volunteer for many years - a turnover every few years helps to keep the Club fresh and innovative. Like many other clubs, it can be a challenge to ensure that the number and diversity of volunteers coming forward is healthy and sustainable.

We also recognise that our members lead busy, active lives, so we try to break down roles into bite-sized chunks so that  members can contribute to defined roles and tasks.

Volunteering can be a great way to:

  • develop new skills and talents - or make good use of those you already have
  • make a difference in how the Club is run
  • add personal satisfaction 
  • meet new people
  • bring new ideas to the table

So, if you have skills or enthusiasm to offer the Club, why not give it a go? If you're interested in volunteering generally or in a specific role, please get in touch with the most relevant Committee member or Officer.  

You can find a list of vacancies and opportunities on this page:

Vacancies & Opportunities

Ideas and suggestions on how the Club could do more to nurture a volunteer ethos were developed by a group of members looking at succession and volunteering, and their report and recommendations were adopted by the Club Committee in June 2022.

Volunteer expenses

The club is keen to reimburse Volunteers for expenses incurred as part of their role. For all club volunteers (committee, subcommittee members and non-Committee posts) the club is happy to pay UK transport costs to attend any face-to-face club meetings.

Requests can be submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement for fuel/mileage or standard class train/bus travel for journeys within the UK.