Young Members Survey 2020

In 2020 we sent out a survey to all our members aged 35 and under in order to better understand what the club can offer them; 54 of our under-35 members completed the survey (a response rate of approximately 40%).

While we have not analysed the results of the survey in any detail a number of trends are clear:

  • the cost of ski touring was considered by many to be a major barrier to getting out ski touring more frequently (or even at all)
  • a good interest in lower-cost touring options including a young persons tour
  • the vast majority of respondents were keen to develop their ski touring skills further through training courses etc
  • many expressed an interest in potentially progressing towards becoming tour leaders in future 

The Youth & Diversity Working Group will meet before the next committee meeting in June 2021 to consider the results of the survey further and to start making decisions on how to spend and allocate the lump sum £10,000 set aside for youth and diversity initiatives.

The full survey results can be found here: Young Members Survey 2020 - results.

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