COVID-19 advice for Scotland

The situation regarding COVID-19 and recreation in Scotland is considerably restricted, particularly in relation to travel, accommodation, and participating in group activities. For the foreseeable future, the likelihood is that ski touring will only be feasible for local skiers in their local area. If you're planning to go ski touring in Scotland this winter, this page provides you with appropriate advice on the precautions you need to take. The page has been produced in line with guidance developed by Mountaineering Scotland.

General approach for ski touring in Scotland

Meet leaders have been asked to build in flexibility where possible and to be aware of the risks and decisions that may need to be taken prior, during and after Scottish meets.  It is up to you, as individual members, to make your own choices and decisions based on your own assessment of the risks involved.

In the period before the meet, leaders will consider the latest Scottish Government guidelines and make a decision about whether the meet can go ahead.  Meets involving accommodation will no doubt be constrained and if going ahead may involve lower numbers than originally planned. 

Day tours and meets not requiring accommodation are more likely to go ahead.

The Scottish Meets Secretary has been appointed as the club’s Covid Officer in relation to activities in Scotland; meet leaders will consult with the Covid Officer and determine if the meet can go ahead and any amendments that need to be taken.

If a meet has been given the go ahead, the following advice should help you reach your own decision about whether to attend and what to do during and after a meet.

Before a meet

You should assess your own risk tolerance to COVID-19 - remember it’s your decision whether to go on a meet or not. You should be aware that restrictions may change and that a meet may need to be cancelled or substantially rearranged.

In line with official health guidance, please do not attend the meet if during the week before any of the following apply to you:

  • you have any of the known symptoms of Covid-19 (predominantly a high temperature, a new and continuous cough and/or a loss of smell or taste
  • you have knowingly been in contact with a person with Covid-19 in the past 10 days
  • you are self-isolating

Prior to the meet, please update yourself on local and national travel restrictions and read the latest guidance on mountaineering in Scotland available at:

Members are asked to follow all requirements, including guidance.

During the meet

Follow up to date guidance on preventing COVID-19 transmission (social distancing, hand hygiene, mask wearing)

Maintain social distancing unless for reasons of safety this has to be overridden by other mountain safety considerations e.g. the need for a group to rewarm in a group shelter, etc.

You should remain attentive to COVID-19 symptoms and self-declare to the group if symptomatic. If you develop symptoms of Covid-19:

  • be honest and up front and inform the meet leader of your symptoms
  • travel home as soon as practical, preferably by private transport without stop overs
  • if you cannot travel that day, as far as is practicable, isolate yourself in a room with arrangements for separate meals and toilet facilities if possible
  • you should get a COVID-19 test on return home and follow Test and Protect guidance

If you are contacted by NHS Test and Protect (Scotland) or Test & Trace (rest of UK) or the NHS Covid-19 App you should:

  • inform the meet leader
  • isolate yourself as much as is practicable and contact your local health service about getting a test

After the Meet

If within 48 hours after the meet you subsequently develop COVID-19 or test positive you should inform the Meet Leader and the rest of the group.