Low Carbon Travel

We strongly recommend that you consider travelling to Europe by train. It is much more relaxed and pleasant than flying, as well as being so much better for the planet. Read John's article below to be convinced.

If you have to fly to your destination, please consider offsetting your emissions by buying carbon credits, through the ESC scheme below, or any other.

For more useful information and help on rail travel:

For auditing your own or the Club's carbon impact:


Is train travel really that much more efficient?

Here is an example, travelling London to Geneva return. There is no precise answer, particular vehicles, planes or other services will vary in their emissions. Different carbon calculators available on the web use different models that give differing weights to these factors. With those caveats, representative estimates for the trip are:

Travel Mode

Carbon Emissions

kg CO2 equivalent
per person

Plane, Economy Class 400kg
Large car, 4 passengers 160kg
Small car, 4 passengers 80kg
Coach 50kg
Train (e.g. Eurostar ) 25kg

Don't take these too literally, but they give a reasonable comparison. For instance, travelling by car can be better than flying, IF the car is full (do the calculation for your car and your journey). Even so, it is nowhere near as good as travelling by train.

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