The share area of the website is where you can find and share information about ski touring and your ski touring trips. 

Yearbooks - access for members only. The club's printed yearbooks provide a vast store of information and these are now available online. This section includes those articles which are available online, with indices of yearbooks and a mechanism to search for articles on ski tours in specific regions. 

Galleries - There are photographs from over 70 club ski tours here and you can add your own photos by creating a new photo gallery.

Forums - You can raise new issues or respond to existing ones raised by others. There are two public forums - for sale and general discussion. There are two member forums (you need to sign-in for these) - tours & meets, and gear.

Newsletters - If you've missed a recent newsletter or want to check an old news item, you can find them here.

Webinars & videos - view webinars and videos in your own time.

Yearbook guidelines - Guidelines for submitting articles and photos to the annual yearbook.