Adventure Awards

Drawing on the income from a donation by Roger Childs, an annual award is also available to assist Eagle Ski Club members (particularly younger members) to organise or take part in ski touring or ski mountaineering tours that are challenging and adventurous, particularly to rarely visited locations off the beaten track. As from June 2014 recipients of Adventure Fund grants are required to offset the carbon cost of the unavoidable long haul flights. Advice on how to do this is available at


  • Awards will normally be made to an expedition or adventurous trip as a whole. The trip must have been advertised to all club members, and the award must be used for the benefit of all members of the trip (who must all be ESC members).
  • All Eagle Ski Club members are eligible, but preference will be given to younger members (aged under 35).
  • The trip must involve ski touring or ski mountaineering - not just the use of skis to reach a climbing objective.
  • Trips will only be supported if they are well researched and have the organisation and leadership in place to stand a reasonable chance of meeting their objectives.

The criteria which will be used to determine whether an award should be granted (and the size of the award) are listed below. Note that this is a list of factors, and not a scoresheet - it is recognised that different expeditions and trips will concentrate on some criteria and not others:

  • Whether an Adventure Fund Award would make a difference to whether or not the trip went ahead.
  • The need for external funding to pay for large costs e.g. hire or purchase of specialised equipment, peak fees, specialised transport costs (e.g. helicopters, yachts etc).
  • The exploratory nature of the trip e.g. if the trip is to a remote or little visited area, or has the potential for first ascents or first ski traverses.
  • The prestige value to the club of being associated with the trip (if it meets its objectives).
  • Minimising environmental impact.
  • The number of club members who would have an opportunity to take part in the trip (although obviously there may be practical limits to the size of a team).
  • The opportunity for club members who have work and family commitments to take part e.g. by limiting the duration of the trip to 3 weeks or less.
  • Successful applicants will be required to write a report on the use of the grant, which should be submitted within one month of the return of the trip, and may be published in the Eagle Ski Club Yearbook.


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