Member to Member Awards

These awards are intended to encourage members to research, promote and run their own interesting tours in conjunction with other members, thus developing the Member-to-Member tour ethos within the club. In addition, applicants can take advantage of club resources to help them with the organisation if required. These tours do not appear on the club touring programme.

 Any member who has organised or is organising their own tour with a group of other members can apply for an award to offset the costs of planning, purchasing maps and guides, making hut bookings, etc. The resources available to club leaders are available to applicants and it is hoped that it will encourage some members to consider applying to join the Potential Tour Leaders Scheme following on from their experience of leading tours of this nature. Applicants should Contact initially for more details, and guidance if required, prior to the tour to check that the proposed tour meets the conditions of the award.


  • Applications will be accepted from any member of the Eagle Ski Club who is organising a member-to-member tour advertised on the website as open to all members.
  • There must be a minimum of five members on the tour and its duration should be a minimum of five days.
  • All participants must be members of the Eagle Ski Club and the organiser of the tour should have previous experience of official club tours.
  • Preference will be given to applications for tours which may have an unusual or adventurous component or  a continuous journey.
  • Applications for training and Off-Piste courses will NOT be considered under this award.
  • The maximum award will be £150.
  • Up to ten awards per season will be awarded after the tour has taken place; in the event of more than ten applications being received in any one season the decision as to how to award the grants will be at the discretion of the Touring Committee.
  • An applicant would normally only be eligible to receive one award per year under this scheme.
  • Awards will be granted in principle after discussion with the Touring Secretary but will only be paid out upon submission of a report of the tour to the Yearbook in the same way as a Club Tour, acknowledging the award therein, and a brief report to the Touring Secretary outlining how the tour went and noting anything which happened that may help other organisers in the future.
  • Recipients of this award can also apply for an Adventure Award if the tour has a strong adventurous component.
  • The deadline for applications for this award is 1st June in the year in which the tour takes place.
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