What We Do

We are the UK's largest and most active ski touring and ski mountaineering club, with almost 1400 members spread throughout the UK and overseas. The purpose of our Club is to encourage ski touring, ski mountaineering, and associated activities. This page describes:

  • what we do as a Club
  • our current priorities

What we do as a Club

Our Club is run for members by members. This means people stepping forward to get involved and doing some fantastic things together, such as:

  • pulling together a programme of ski tours and meets, with over 60 trips in the Alps and elsewhere and about 15 meets in Scotland each year
  • developing and supporting an enthusiastic group of volunteer tour leaders through training, mentoring and other support
  • providing practical and online training for members
  • improving the emphasis on safety whilst out ski touring
  • setting ourselves an innovative "low carbon challenge" to help reduce the carbon footprint of our ski touring
  • producing a high-quality Yearbook of all our trips and other activities which is well-loved by members
  • keeping members informed and engaged about club activities and ski touring more generally, through the Yearbook, newsletters, website, webinars and Facebook, and by bringing more members together
  • encouraging a more diverse membership
  • ensuring that we run the Club effectively by looking after club funds carefully and collecting membership subs 


Current priorities (2019-2022)

What we focus our effort on changes over time, such as with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our ski touring programme. Our current priorities are:

  • Ensure that our Club has reliable third-party liability insurance. In 2019, we had to change our Club-wide combined liability insurance policy. We did this by affiliating with Mountaineering Scotland. 
  • Develop our club-wide communications. In 2018, we set up a Communications sub-committee to lead improvements to how we communicate within the Club and with potential new members through the website, social media, webinars, emails and e-newsletters. This work continues to be a priority. 
  • Refine our mentoring system for new tour leaders. Our Leader Development Programme is continuing to refine the mentoring system with training for mentors and ongoing review.
  • A stronger focus on youth and diversity. The first priority of our new Youth and Diversity initiative is to encourage more young people and women both to join and become involved in the management of the Club. To do this, we provide targeted tours and other activities, reduced membership fees for young people, and more Awards. In the future, we'll also seek opportunities to encourage more people from ethnic minority groups to join us.
  • Developing our regional hub structure. We're supporting the regional hub structure to increase the opportunities for members to network at events by supporting regional coordinators, appointing a national events co-ordinator and underwriting events.
  • A zero carbon footprint. The Climate Care sub-committee is leading work towards a zero carbon footprint for the Club within the next 10 years. This includes encouraging all members to buy-in to the initiative, particularly by off-setting travel through the Club’s carbon credit scheme.
  • Responding to Covid-19. We've had to monitor and review all Club activities in the light of restrictions necessary to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. This response is led by a working party chaired by our Vice President and involves key members of the committee.
  • Improving how we manage the Club. This includes more delegation, more structured budgeting, and planning in a framework that makes the best use of the Club’s volunteers.


Club Strategy

Having a Club Strategy sounds a bit grand, but it's really a way of organising what we do a bit better and ensuring that we have volunteers and money in place to help make it happen.

You can find our latest strategy, which was signed off in 2020, here:

Eagle Ski Club Strategy 2020

If you're interested, our previous strategies are listed here:

Eagle Ski Club Strategy 2018 (PDF)

Eagle Ski Club Strategy 2016 (PDF)

Eagle Ski Club Strategy 2013 (PDF)


    Member Surveys

    We sometimes carry out a survey of members to find out a bit more about the views and needs of the members. The most recent surveys are:

    2018 Membership Survey

    2013 Membership Survey

    One of our priorities is to increase membership by younger people. To help inform this work, we carried out a survey of our younger members in 2020. You can find the results of the survey here:

    2020 Survey of Younger Members