Club Priorities

Strategy and Priorities

The priorities and day-to-day running of the Club are guided by a Strategy Document, which sets out the aims and activities of the Club. The Strategy is usually updated every 2-3 years when a new President is appointed. Each Strategy is discussed and agreed at the Club Committee. Comments from members on the latest version are welcome, and should be sent to the President or any committee member (see the Club Officers & Committee page).

Eagle Ski Club Strategy 2018 (PDF)

Eagle Ski Club Strategy 2016 (PDF)

Eagle Ski Club Strategy 2013 (PDF)


The Club's constitution determines the arrangements for the membership and governance of the club, election of officers and committee, and related matters.

Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Notice can be found here.

Child Safeguarding Policy

The Club has a Child Safeguarding Policy which defines how children under 18 are protected.

Surveys of Members

Changes to our Strategy are often informed by surveys of the membership to understand the views and needs of the members. The most recent surveys are:

2018 Membership Survey

2013 Membership Survey

One of our priorities is to increase membership by younger people. To help inform this work, we carried out a survey of our younger members in 2020. You can find the results of the survey here:

2020 Survey of Younger Members