Alternate weekend parents

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Alternate weekend parents

Alternate weekend parent? I am sure I am not alone in being a parent every two weekends due to marital split.

It kind of makes a lot of tours and trips hard to go on, and there is nothing more that a bitter ex loves than to say no to a contact swap to enable some fun so......

Are there other Eagle members that perhaps fancy some tours that start mid-week? I see there is one in the programme this year.

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Hi Chris,

That's a good question! I've run a couple of midweek to midweek tours of 8-9 dys that take advantage of cheap midweek flights but I hadn't thought about this dimension. We could look at including some on the official programme bu there's nothing to stop you offering to organise something in the member to member category of tours if you feel strongly enough about taking that on. Tours on the programme have been full for a while so the Club is looking at encouraging M2M tours for people who can't sign up early or, in this case, have identified a need.


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