Types of Tour

The Eagle Ski Club provides an organised programme of ski tours which are Club Sponsored Tours. In addition, members can also get together to arrange their own Member to Member Tours. In all cases, tours may only be joined by members of the club.

Club Sponsored Tours

The club organises a programme of around sixty “tours” which include hut to hut ski tours, valley based day tours and training courses covering off-piste skiing as well as other topics relating to ski touring. Some of these tours are led by IFMGA qualified Mountain Guides, or other suitably qualified professionals (e.g. BASI ski instructors), and some are led by amateur leaders from the club (“Club Leaders”).

Even though tours appear on the club touring programme, the Eagle Ski Club is not a party to the financial arrangements between members and the providers of tours or courses. Members taking part in any of the tours on the programme should be aware that the relationship is solely between themselves and the tour organiser - not the club.

The club touring programme is published in the summer (generally July or August) of the year prior to the main skiing season (winter / spring).

Member to Member Tours

In addition to the tours in the formal club programme, club members may also post details of their own tours on the website, to allow other members of the club to contact them and potentially join their tour.

These tours are known as Member-to-Member tours; they may either be led by an amateur member of the club, or they may be professionally led but are not promoted by the club other than on the website.

Club members may post details of their tours at any time, but typically details are posted much closer to the main touring season than the club sponsored tours.

Tour Grading System

All tours are graded in order to indicate the skills and level of fitness needed to participate in the tour. These are split into the three categories of Effort, Skiing Technique and Mountaineering Skills using a scale of 1 to 5 e.g. a fairly normal hut to hut tour might be graded E2 S2 M2.

Full details of the Tour Grading System are provided here.