Accommodation in Chamonix valley

16 Oct 2021


Good morning 

My 2 daughters are on the ESC off piste ski course in Jan in Chamonix.

Unfortunately La Tapia Gite which has been used many times before (stayed there myself)  has been sold and not opening. Any body know of anything similar ie good value, able to self cater. Other option is an apartment  as there is another person interested in joining them. It seems that accommodation suggested is a catered chalet but it is expensive.

if you have any ideas or even an apartment to rent please contact me 



16 Oct 2021


Hello John, I suggest renting an Airbnb chalet. Some look good value especially if you share. I'd be looking for somewhere near the Mont Blanc Express line as we love it.


18 Oct 2021


Hi John. Our original plan when this week was established was to make it as cheap as possible (hence half a days tuition and using as cheap accommodation as possible). It’s disappointing if the group accommodation is an expensive catered chalet as that’s really not the aim of the week. There are lots of companies offering off piste ski tuition from catered chalets. I know there is huge demand for this type of holiday but in my view the ESC should be offering something different aimed more at the budget end of the market. Phil Jardine

18 Oct 2021


Hi John

Ross Cluley (an eagle) runs this place in Cham.  Rather similar to La Tapia (which I agree was a perfect base for this week)

20 Oct 2021


Hi John,

I don't know if your daughters' course includes lift fees, but if it doesn't then Gite le Nouveau Grassonets is 62 euros a day half-board and includes a lift pass.

If you've got any questions feel free to ask,



21 Oct 2021


Hi Averil.  just looked at website.  well spotted.  they look really good.  have you stayed in any of them?  with the lift pass its fantastic value.  I think they are all near Argentière or Vallorcine which might put some off (not me).  

22 Oct 2021


I've stayed 3 times at the Nouveau Grassonnet. I love it for the simplicity - similar to youth hostel, there are different sized rooms with mostly bunk beds. Once stayed for 3 days with a friend and we got a 4 berth room to ourselves. This summer had a flying visit and turned up at 5 pm, picked up my next day lift pass, went into Chamonix for dinner, then left at 7am for the Aiguille du midi the next morning. It's well priced and includes the ski pass which is brilliant. It helps to be able to speak french to navigate the booking and for checking in.

In the summer, they also cook dinner on some days (you have to ask) that you can pay extra for. I remember having beers and a barbecue there one evening. There is a bus stop not too far away which gives you free transport back into the centre of Chamonix, but I've also missed the last bus back and had to hitchhike.

If you need any help, just drop me a text


22 Oct 2021


Hi Philip, We stayed at Gite le Nouveau Grassonets (Argentiere) in December 2019. We really enjoyed our stay, the people were friendly, the food was good and there was plenty of it! There is a bus stop near this Gite so we had no problems getting around. We haven't yet stayed in the Vallorcine gites, but will be there this December before moving to Gite le Nouveau Grassonets . I think it could be harder to get to some of the skiing areas from Vallorcine, there is a train station there but I'm not sure how far away it is from the Gites. We are driving  to Chamonix this year partly because we will be based in Vallorcine some of the time and the duration of our visit makes it feasible. Will you be out there this December? (Iwas in touch with you in Dec 2019 about the possiblity of meeting up).

22 Oct 2021


Why not stay at the UCPA? You can choose not to have lessons and it's inclusive of ski rental, scoff and lift pass. Good social activities as well if they don't have anything planned with ESC.


P.S. There are two in the vally, in Cham itself and in Argentiere as well.

24 Oct 2021


The CAF Chalet Alpin du Tour is a really good place to stay, although slightly out of the way.