Global Rescue organisation

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Global Rescue organisation

I wondered if those who travel further afield have knowledge and experience of Global Rescue organisation for individuals and families?

They offer field rescue, medical evacuation, a mobile app, etc. Not an insurance company, but they provide the rescue services useful for mountaineering and exploring that insurance companies charge for very dearly. Would membership satisfy the Eagle Ski Club's requirement for rescue and medical insurance? 

I came across a recommendation to join them on the Kyrgyzstan Alpine Club website. For a summer trip, but annual membership seems useful for winter expeditions. 

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Never used them but I have heard a lot of good things. It used to be included with membership of the American Alpine club (and may still be; I don't know). It's dedicated rescue insurance which in my view it's just what you need in remote places. Unlike BMC insurance which is travel insurance not rescue insurance. A completely different product. The so-called "help" line included with BMC insurance is completely useless in remote areas in my N=1 experience. 

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I used to be covered by Global Rescue and I felt that they offered a good product and have plenty of good reviews, although thankfully I never 'used' them in terms of actually being rescued! I stopped using them when they ceased to include the polar regions in their cover.

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