New Zealand skiing

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New Zealand skiing

I have a short window of opportunity to ski in New Zealand (28th July – 4th August) tied to a business trip out there. Any thoughts on where to go to minimise the weather risks, or any other NZ specific advice would be gratefully received. Alternatively, let me know if you are in-country and interested in joining me to share the costs of a guide!

Thanks, Alan

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Hi Alan,

Weather is always a gamble in NZ but last year we were extraordinarily lucky in having nearly a month of good weather. Not so good for skiing though as the snowline was high and access proved problematic. Again that's often the case with NZ, I hear. Best bets would be getting up onto the ski fields that have good snow and skiing the back bowls (treblecone is probably the best) but don't miss a helicopter flight into Fox Glacier or Plateau huts as the mountains are spectacular even if the skiing may be limited.

Dave Wynne-Jones

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Hi Alan, I live in Christchurch so feel free to contact me if you want any specific advice. We're waiting for a good base to be set up but the timing of your visit is good so you shouldn't have to worry about coverage then. Flying up to Tasman Saddle or Kelman hut for a few days is a great option, as is going to the coast to Pioneer or Chancellor. If you go with a guide they'll pick the best current place out for you anyways. There is heaps of wonderful side & backcountry terrain off the Craigieburn skifields in Canterbury which gives you options for all weather and conditions. Touring from one field to the next and staying at the mountain lodges is a really fun option (Cheeseman, Olympus, Craigieburn & Broken River). Have a great trip and let me know if you want a local to tour with for a day or two, Anna 

Anna Brooke