Pair of old skis and old Tracker and Barrel

12 Jun 2024



I am in the middle of a monster declutter of the house with items going all over the place  -  quite a few to Mountain Heritage Trust  -  as well as just to the tip.

I have a pair of old skis  -  one with old Silvretta bindings been claim but the other (K2 skis) with ISER binding   -  msome mentioned that the Club passes old skis onto universities etc -  not sure if this would be of use -  but happen to pass on accordingly.

Old Tracker (needless to say -  now got a new one).  Still works but happier with new one and technology.  Might be of use for a guide/instructor to use for demos/practices  -  happy to pass on.

Expedition Barrel  -  only been through out of a plan once !!  Happy to pass on for a donation to the Juniper Trust charity connected with schools in Nepal and Pakistan.

Anyone interested please email me on