Plum Guide M with Brakes 110

01 Mar 2020


One careful owner - bought these bindings new in late 2016 only used a few weeks per year. Bindings in good condition. Original fixing screws included. Easy to locate toe and heel and easy to engage heel lift positions and attach crampons.

Crampons not included

£270 inc delivery to UK or near sensible offer


The Plum Guide Binding design is similar to other tech bindings on the market with the exception of weight, materials and a few innovations of their own: The heel piece of the Plum Guide Binding can be rotated in both directions to achieve the desired heel lift. There's a 15mm distance between the ski boot and the top of the ski which allows for a natural flex and eliminates the 'dead spot' between the toe and heel piece. While most of the other Plum Guide Binding features (listed below) are unique, one thing that remains the same is the mounting pattern. This is 100% identical to the (non-race) Dynafit touring bindings so no need to re-drill those skis if you are looking to change brands.


·       Light Weight: At only 670g a pair it is almost 1/2 the weight of other tech bindings on the market and one quarter the weight of a traditional AT binding.

·       Four axis rotation system: The heel unit provides easy multi directional rotation with either hand.

·       Heel lift: Three position skinning elevator on the heel unit.

·       Adjustment: The heel unit is adjustable by 30mm which will theoretically accommodate 4 to 5 boot sizes. This can be a fussy adjustment as there is no horizontal adjustment screw (to save on weight) but rather an adjustment track. But really how many times do you need to adjust your bindings?

·       Ultra light weight materials: Aerospace grade Aluminum, steel and polymer are used.

·       Precision: All parts are CNC machined at a precision of 1µm, which ensures accurate dimensions. 

·       Release: Forward and lateral release system to minimize injury.

·       Frame: The high-rigidity frame and wide integrated base offers stability on the downhill.

·       Crampons: Crampon insert moulded directly into the overall frame of the toe, making it very easy to fit the crampon.