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Recall Tracker

Hi Chaps


I just wanted to flag up the recent recall on bca tracker 2 transceivers.The device seems to go into a mode designed to allow it to recieve updates via an optical input when effected by static.In this mode it does not transmit! The short term solution seems to be a firmware update for which the unit will need to be returned to the manufacturer.This dos not solve the susceptibility to static!

There would also appear to be issues with units rebooting even when switched off,excess battery use and also an issue of possibe failure of the tracker  and the barryvox pulse to communicate with each other.

I was away to purchase one but may now go for the pulse unless anyone wants to convince me of a better buy.


Regards Pete.

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Pete, The Pulse seems to have the best range.  I've been Cat and Heli skiing in Canada this March, and both the Cat and Heli operators were using Pulses due to their excellent range.   Tony.

Tony Graham