Ski gear in cabin bag

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Ski gear in cabin bag

I'm planning to fly back from Geneva with Easyjet with only a cabin bag.  Has anyone had difficulty getting a avalanche pole past security?

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Jim, 50/50 I reckon. It may be classified as dangerous goods which is a serious matter for the airline. More likely you’ll have problems getting it past security at the airport who are nothing to do with the airline 

Try getting past security with it, but be prepared to check it in as hold luggage (£££££) last minute which may take time. 

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You might stand a slightly better chance if you can position/configure it in such a way that it looks like a rucsack frame on a scan - I'm sure I've made it through with a rucksack which has a pair of quite long sturdy aluminium stiffening strips incorporated into the pack.  Make a | |  shape if possible, or if they can't be split then an inverted V shape would be the next best thing.  Even within UK things aren't necessarily consistent - on one occasion I had to point out to an airport that their regs weren't consistent with the the government's national regs - the airport agreed to modify.

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It may be worth finding out how much it is to post it home if you are concerned. It may be cheaper than booking luggage.