Skinning on piste in Italy

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Skinning on piste in Italy


Notwithstanding the need to excercise care when skinning up any piste is skinning up Italian Pistes prohibited? Being Italy I suspect there could be local rules in place. I am interested in Selva in Val Gardenna.


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I believe that's right Alan; it depends on the rules and arrangements set by the operator of the uplift. 

Useful overview here:

which refers to Italy as follows:

"Piste ski tours in Italy

According to the Italian ski law, ski tours on slopes are strictly prohibited, which is locally controlled by the slope police.

Ski resort operators can cancel the blanket ban and make arrangements at their own discretion. More and more ski resorts make use of it and offer opportunities for promotion. The Alpine Club South Tyrol (AVS) maintains a list of regulations in South Tyrolean ski areas. In addition to the FIS rules, the ten "recommendations for ski tours on ski slopes" of the AVS should be noted"

This article then references a further website for Sud Tirol (the region of Val Gardena), which lists  8 ski areas which have a complete ban on touring on piste:

Furthermore, ski resorts commonly say no access to the pistes out of the hours of uplift, for safety reasons (piste-bashers etc)

Hope that helps. In Germany and Austria they have moved ahead and have separate marked skiing routes up between the pistes, but in Italy its less well developed.