Strava - not updating

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Strava - not updating

Hi  I have had problems with activities uploading from Strava. This is when I have finished the activity, saved the data and then waited for Strava to upload the date. After numerous attempts on two occasions the updating/uploading has not happened. I eventually get the message to check my data connection, I have and its ok. Subsequent activities have uploaded ok??

I've tried contacting Strava Customer Support but I'm told they are busy but will get back to me! The first time was three weeks ago and still no help.

The data was for two important training rides where I really wanted the stats. Anyone else had problems like this and sorted it out. Thanks for any help



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Hello, Sue. Yes, but I thought it was just me so I haven't contacted Strava. The activity just disappears from my phone after a few attempts. I usually have a second device of some sort with my route on too (yes, and map and compass...) so I haven't fallen into the existential black hole of "no Strava, no life". Make up some numbers that make you feel better! If you're not a Strava premium member (I'm not) their help desk isn't quick but tends to be helpful eventually.