"Subscribing" to forum topics and other website postings

19 Oct 2021


There used to be a feature on the website whereby one could "subscribe" to website forums and other postings, with the result that one received an e-mail whenever a new topic was started or comment added.  This feature seems to have disappeared since the website was updated recently, and I am no longer receiving the e-mails - the only way of discovering what new postings there are now seems to be to log in to the website and have a look.

The help/posting-to-forums page has a note (at the bottom) that "The 'Forum Tools' dropdown allows you to perform useful admin functions" but if that feature is still available, I can no longer find it.

Is this feature still there, and if so how do I set it to work again?

20 Oct 2021


Yes, I think "mark all posts as read"  has also disappeared.  The "Forum Tools" were possibly only used by regular Forum geeks like John and myself but they were very useful!

20 Oct 2021


I asked people in the know. The reply “It's not available yet in Drupal 9, but Stuart is looking at options.”