Support the 'Mer de Glace Listening Project' documentary

13 Apr 2024


Dear Eagles,

Tom here. We've been working on a documentary film in Chamonix speaking to people whose lives are closely related to the Mer de Glace (guides, refuge guardians, artists) and learning about their experience of living alongside such a vivid expression of climate change.  The film addresses their psychological experience and the tensions between tradition and adaptation within the community. 

Now, I wanted to share the project with club members and to ask for your support. If you would like to contribute to the film, you will not only be supporting a fellow member but also advancing the club's objective to 'take positive action to engage and respond to the impact of climate change in the mountain environment.'

You can see a work-in-progress teaser on the fundraising page here:

All support, no matter the size, will make a significant impact!

Feel free to contact me personally if you would like to discuss the project further.

Kind regards,
Tom Burke
ps. Some of you may see a familiar face or two...

16 Apr 2024


Hi Tom - thanks for posting, because although we as ski mountaineers can readily see the impact of climate change on the glaciers and mountains, there remains a need for wider consciousness raising and call to action. Adaption and change of behaviour will be necessary individually, and collectively as a club, if we are to enjoy ski touring for the next 100 years!

Best of luck with the project.


as ESC President


17 Apr 2024


Hi Tom, I've shared this on the ESC Facebook page and group, and on our Instagram account. Good luck! - Cathy