Travel Insurance for Seniors

20 Nov 2021


I need to renew my travel insurance to cover ski touring/mountaineering in the Alps and Arctic Norway (rules out AAC), valid for age 70. Currently BMC seems to be the only sensible option. Any other suggestions welcome?

Does the clubs affiliation with Mountaineering Scotland mean we are affiliated to the BMC?

23 Nov 2021


Hi Sue, it’s a commonly held belief that the AAC Rescue Service doesn’t cover Arctic Norway. It isn’t true. Have a look at the AWS document on the AAC website. Remember though that it is purely a rescue and repatriation service - it’s not travel insurance.


29 Nov 2021


Mountain rescue in Norway is free in any case but that is an interesting clarification by the AAC on Norway cover. The definition has been changing over the last years as the original exclusion was the Arctic defined as being north of the Arctic Circle, then it was changed to cover Arctic mainland excluding islands, now further clarified as cover extending to islands you can reach by tunnel or bridge. Unfortunately that would still exclude some popular excursions in e.g the Lyngen area, but probably now would be sufficient for most people.