Webinars.... are you interested?

08 Sep 2021


Hi all, I hope you've had a great summer. I'd like to know if you are interested in an autumn / winter webinar series. It does let us reach a lot of people in the comfort of their own homes. But you all may be very sick of Zoom by now. 

Please indicate in a reply if  you are / are not interested, and if you are, whether you want want them to be once a month or once a fortnight. 

If you have ideas for speakers (or any other opinions on the matter), put them in a comment or message me. 
I am travelling a lot more now and am concerned about my guaranteed availability to be host and run the back-end tech for the speaker. Is anyone interested in being a co-host or a backup host? 

09 Sep 2021


Hi Cathy, Yes I am definitely interested as I am based in Scotland!

As frequently as there are speakers would be great, but once a month is fine as well.


09 Sep 2021


Hi Cathy,

Yes, I am interested. Once a month sounds fine to me.



09 Sep 2021


Hi Cathy

Yes, keen on this and once a month works for me.



10 Sep 2021


Hi Cathy

I'd also be interested in a monthly webinar/Zoom session. I know the SAIS guys get asked a lot but their sessions are always useful. It would be interesting for some of us up here to hear what they made of the conditions and dynamics during the last season for example (possibly a limited audience for that one :-)  )

Many thanks


12 Sep 2021


Monthly at most but most welcome


13 Sep 2021


Hello Cathy, yes I found the previous set very interesting and I think that Zoom is here to stay!

No more than once a month is about right I think.