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William Barney

Sadly, William died on Thursday 6th February. The tumours that had spread to his bones did not respond to the new drug that had an effect on the original lung tumours. He had been having increasingly unpleasant treatment from the Autumn and had been under the care of a hospice from before Christmas.

William's funeral will be taking place on 27th February. Full details of funeral service arrangements are in the link below. If you would like to attend the funeral service please use the link to indicate your attendance as this will help planning. Please note that there have been so many requests to attend that the reception is now full.


I am collating a compendium of the tributes to William that I have received from members. If you would like to add to these, please email me.

John Russell johnandmariarussell@hotmail.co.uk


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Very sorry to hear this sad news. William had done a brilliant job for the club over the last few years, despite his illness, in organising the very successful London dinners, and he will be much missed at those events. I'm sure we will raise a glass to his memory at the next one.

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Really sad news - I never had the pleasure of skiing with William, but as John said he organised the London dinner with style - I was last in touch with William at the end of November when he explained that he had identified a successor to take over the London 2020 Dinner "if needed"; and had hoped to ski this season - Sorry to hear that he did not have much time - we should certainly raise a glass in his memory at the next ESC London dinner.

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Likewise very, very sad to hear this news.  William bore his cancer with great stoicism over the past couple of years.  He will be much missed.

He arranged the last couple of London Dinners with quiet efficiency, and thanks to this they were much enjoyed by all who attended.

I understand that, despite the cancer, he managed to get in some great skiing in 2019.  But he has been taken from us far, far too soon.  RIP William.