Yearbook 2021: lockdown ski tours competition

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Yearbook 2021: lockdown ski tours competition

The Yearbook is much appreciated by all members. With Covid-19 restrictions, few of the official Club tours will be happening this year. But it's been great seeing the range of tours described on the Club Facebook page and other sites - it's clear that we're an enterprising bunch of ski tourers and quite a few of us have been able to do some amazing local ski tours from where we live, even if it's just the local park!  Members have been very inventive and it would be great to capture these adventures in the next Yearbook - particularly those in unusual or unexpected places (e.g. Tour de Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Shining Tor or Hampstead Heath) or first known ski ascents (usual criteria apply!). We will offer some prizes for the most inventive and original tours!

We're looking for short reports with some text (a paragraph or two; 200 words max) and one or two photos. Please send your reports to the Yearbook Editor (Mike Hendry) by 31 March. Happy writing and best of luck!!