Benefits of membership

Membership of the Eagle Ski Club provides you with a range of excellent benefits:

  • We're a very active club with lots of members throughout the UK and overseas, giving you lots of opportunities to go ski touring and to meet up with like-minded people.
  • There's a strong focus on training, leader development and supporting youth and diversity.
  • We share information and experience through a high-quality yearbook and regular e-newsletters.
  • You can access our online library of Yearbook articles, expedition reports and photographs to help you plan future ski touring trips.
  • We are committed to sustainable ski touring.
  • We are affiliated with Mountaineering Scotland, providing members with combined liability insurance cover and a wide range of other benefits. NB: This is not available to Overseas or Associate Members - see Join Us for more information.

An active club with lots of members

We have over 1350 of the UK’s most active ski-tourers to share information with and plan trips together. Each year we run a programme of over 60 Club Tours both guide led and member led, providing day tours and hut-to-hut tours in the Alps and further afield, as well as a range of instructional courses covering off-piste techniques, avalanche awareness and ski touring skills at all levels from introductory to Club Leader. Members are also encouraged to put information about their own ski tours on to the website in order to promote them amongst other members.

We also run a large programme of Scottish skiing meets (sometimes starting in November and running through to April) and occasional day meets. 

We run a number of lectures each year, usually in the autumn, which are great opportunities to meet and socialise with other members. In 2020, we started a very popular webinar series, open to members and non-members. Webinars are recorded and then uploaded to our own YouTube channel. 

We have an active private group on Facebook with over 550 members, with members swapping information and ideas about ski touring, ski tours and gear. Our online forums are also very popular.

A strong focus on training & leader development

Helping members to develop and improve their ski touring and mountaineering skills is central to our approach as a club. Training is focussed on avalanche awareness, navigation, ropework skills and first aid. We provide a range of awards to help younger skiers (aged under 35) get started in the sport, to help members go on more adventurous trips and for members to pull their own trips together with other members.

We need a steady supply of members who have the skills, experience and aptitude to become leaders who can help deliver our touring programme. The leader development programme includes a training course, self assessment and mentoring.

Information and experience shared

Each year we distribute a high-quality yearbook, containing tour reports and other interesting articles. We also send out regular e-newsletters throughout the year to keep members up to date with tour status, upcoming events, club developments and so on. As mentioned above, there are discussion forums on the website and Facebook and WhatsApp groups. We also organise lectures and webinars on topics of interest to ski tourers.

Access to almost 100 years of knowledge

Our Club was established in 1925 and since then members have been on thousands of tours to the Alps, Scandinavia and many other locations. Each year we produce a high quality Yearbook, which contains articles and reports on the past year's tours and future programmes. As a member, you can search our online archive of Yearbook articles.

A commitment to sustainable ski touring

Climate change is a very significant issue for our members and we run a carbon credit scheme. We're also providing more advice to members about low carbon travel.

Affiliation with Mountaineering Scotland

In 2019, we affiliated with Mountaineering Scotland to provide the club and our members with better combined liability insurance that covers ski touring, ski mountaineering and off-piste skiing.

This arrangement also provides our members with access to a wide range of other benefits provided through Mountaineering Scotland. These include an excellent quarterly magazine, a huge number of discounts with accommodation providers, shops and other businesses, and access to huts. We also provide a number of discounts directly to members.